Leadership Development

Leadership development encompasses a number of approaches. The key aspects of leadership development are to build from an understanding of personal leadership style and how this impacts on teams and/or colleagues. 360 degree feedback can be used to assess leadership strengths and develop self awareness. Once style and strengths are understood, leaders can begin to develop their style and approach to enhance their leadership effectiveness. Our experience spans all levels of management experience from graduates to Board level.

Team Development

All of our team development programmes are designed specifically to suit your business and context. When working with teams we work on a ratio of up to 1:10 facilitators to team members, so that we can facilitate what is happening within the team and ensure the team can identify the key strengths and areas for development. We always encourage the team to explore how they can implement the learning from the programme. Key inputs may include: how a team develops, how to approach change, team roles, ground rules, team values and vision.