At POD Learning we take a pragmatic approach to people development. We believe that for any development to be effective, individuals need to have the opportunity to practise and apply their learning as they go along. All of our programmes have a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the individual needs and issues as they develop. There is a high degree of consultation throughout the process. We value long term relationships and believe we can deliver maximum value when we can work in partnership with your business.

In order for the development programme to be effective, we will consult with you at every stage to ensure we are continuing to meet you business and individual needs. The process will include:

  • Initial consultation to understand the development needs and the business context
  • Design a proposed development programme, which can be refined as necessary in consultation with you
  • Deliver development programme, with inbuilt flexibility to adapt to the issues and learning as the process progresses
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, using a variety of indicators which have been agreed before the development programme begins

At POD Learning we use a variety of tools to help people to learn and develop:

  • Experiential learning. referring to past experience to understand styles and using a variety of short experiential exercises which can provide context during the development programme on how people are currently working and practise different styles
  • Psychometric tools. Psychometrics can be used to aid understanding around different styles and approaches and to provide a common language for a team or organisation. All of our associates are qualified in any tools that they use. These include Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1, Belbin Team Roles and a variety of 360 degree feedback tools
  • Transactional Analysis 101
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Coaching and one to one consultations
  • Learning journals and action plans
  • Action learning sets